This information is current for 2016.

For breastfeeding help in your own home, please call 405 7735.

Home visits are a minimum of 90 mins ($100) and include two weeks of follow up phone calls or emails.  

Mileage costs may apply outside of Halifax/Dartmouth.

Office visits are $45/hr, Thursday mornings at the Women's Council House, 989 Young Avenue (ramp entrance).  Appointments are required.

Written reports and recommendations are provided and forwarded to the family doctor when requested.  Appointments are not covered by MSI, however they may be covered by some private health plans.

I am a member of the International Lactation Consultants' Association, the Canadian Lactation Consultants' Association and the Atlantic Lactation Consultant's Association as well as the local Breastfeeding Community of Practice.

Because breastfeeding is important, intimate, rewarding and sometimes challenging, dedicated and educated lactation support and counseling can make a difference in a woman's nursing and mothering experience.  

Prenatal and postnatal consultations are offered to work with breastfeeding issues such as:

- the normal course of breastfeeding

- working with latching difficulties and breast refusal
- working with the Biological Nurturing approach pioneered by Dr. Suzanne Colson  (
- relieving breast and nipple pain
- assessing for tongue and lip ties
- increasing milk supply & improving slow weight gain
- reducing supplements
- bottlefeeding in a way that supports breastfeeding
- appreciating partial breastfeeding
- managing oversupply
- breastfeeding multiples
- breastfeeding after breast reduction and other breast surgery
- breastfeeding as a survivor of sexual trauma
- inducing lactation, breastfeeding an adopted child, and relactation
- breastfeeding in a family with two mothers
- pumping
- breastfeeding while working outside the home
- starting solids
- toddler nursing
- weaning at any age
- weighing the baby when appropriate

Breastfeeding Grand Rounds at the IWK

November 19, 2013  1-2:30pm
I will be co-presenting a Breastfeeding Grand Rounds discussion entitled Supporting Survivors of Sexualized Violence as They Breastfeed

This will be in the Parker Reception Room at the IWK in Halifax. Everyone is welcome, no registration is required.

Tandem Nursing Workshop

On Sunday, February 24, I will be holding a workshop on Tandem Nursing at Nurtured Products for Parents in Halifax from 10am-12 noon.  The cost is $35 - partners, babies and toddlers welcome!

Registration is here:

Tandem nursing means breastfeeding while pregnant, or nursing two children of different ages at the same time.
While some cultures have taboos against tandem nursing, in others it is commonplace.  In North America tandem nursing is becoming more common as many mothers choose to nurse their baby into toddlerhood in accordance with current WHO recommendations to continue nursing to two years and beyond. This session will include a variety of mothers' stories and will cover the current evidence based recommendations to help mothers decide whether tandem nursing or weaning will work best for their particular situation. Strategies for both weaning and tandem nursing will be discussed.

Breastfeeding Information Sessions - Fall 2012

with Cassie Kent, IBCLC
All sessions take place at the studio of Synergy Physio Pilates at Oxford and Cork Streets, Halifax
To register or ask questions, please call 405 7735   or email

Prenatal Breastfeeding Basics
Saturday, October 27
9:30-12:30 $45

This session will cover: the mechanics of how milk is made and production sustained; comfortable approaches to latching including the Biological Nurturing work of Dr. Suzanne Colson; common obstacles and how to overcome them.  The ideal time to take a prenatal breastfeeding class is during the second trimester, however any stage of the pregnancy is fine.  The cost of the session is for one or two people.

For the Grandmother-to-be:  Helping Breastfeeding Happen

Saturday, November 3
9:30-11:30 $35

This session is intended for the pregnant couple's parents, inlaws and other important support people.  The basics of breastfeeding management will be covered, and infant feeding myths of the last 100 years explored, helping support people find their role in helping breastfeeding happen even with no previous experience with breastfeeding.  The support person may attend with or without the expectant couple.

Getting Ready to Go Back to Work

Saturday, November 10
9:30-11:30 $35

This session includes information on planning ahead for continuing to breastfeed when returning to paid employment at any stage of breastfeeding.  Topics will include milk expression techniques and storage requirements, bottle feeding techniques that support breastfeeding, maintaining the milk supply, and practical & emotional concerns about separation.  Babies and toddlers welcome!  Women who have already transitioned to working outside the home are also welcome.  

Breastfeeding Again:  Having a Different Experience the Second Time
Saturday, November 24
9:30-12:30 $45

This session is intended for women who were not satisfied with their previous breastfeeding experience, and would like to prepare for a different experience with the second or subsequent baby.  Specific obstacles that affected breastfeeding will be discussed, along with discussion of how to incorporate the needs of a breastfeeding newborn into the household.